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" The festival with flavour. This October, internationally acclaimed celebrity chefs from around the world will arrive at Shangri-La destinations to create one of a kind dining experiences. Look forward to what promises to be the must-taste culinary event of the year."

ManilArt 2016

"ManilArt. The Biggest Art Fair Exhibition in the Philippines. ManilArt, the country’s longest-running art fair, celebrates its 8th year of promoting the best of Philippine creative artistry from the various regions of the country. Gathering support from some of the finest local and international galleries, ManilArt elevates the standards of...

Supporting the High Ability Kid

"  Get to know and be part of the 79 Light Bulbs Community!   Visit their website at Like them on Facebook at Follow them on Instagram @79lightbulbs" Visit us at: for more information....

School of Fun Things: Play Crafts PH Workshops

"Watercolor with Expressive Florals and Brush Calligraphy his is a 3-in-1 class which will cover the basics of watercolor, basic floral painting, and basic brush calligraphy. Participants will learn basic watercolor techniques applicable to both floral painting and brush calligraphy. They will also make a floral wreath and a floral letter...
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