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Artists explore neutrality in a world filled with biases

Paris-based photographer Alex Villaluz is holding an exhibit at the Provenance Gallery of Shangri-la Bonifacio Global City, in collaboration with performance artist Julie Marie Monsted and visual artist Wire Tuazon.

Entitled “Neutral,” the exhibit provokes questions about achieving neutrality at a time when minds have become flooded with information from an ever-increasing number of sources. It will run until April 1.

The artist said we are forced to act in an accelerated, global world, and poses the question: “Can a neutral state of mind be a free zone where we can breathe, be free of the constant pace, or is neutrality an extreme that leaves us with nothing but indifference?”

Villaluz studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He was born in Japan and spent his formative years in Angono, Rizal, where his parents hail from.

Source: Rappler

Photo shows Alex Villaluz. The Paris-based artist beside one of his works. Photo by Sandra Aguinaldo

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