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Foodies Convene in BGC for the World Street Food Congress

Hawkers of street food from different countries have been busy preparing and cooking non-stop for their signature treats since April 20.   The event is on its 4th day today and will end on Sunday, April 24.   The sound of searing pans and woks, humming hot ovens, the hodgepodge of noise from the kitchen tools working all at the same time, and the steam and smoke coming out of the stalls add up and stir all the five senses.   Satay, curry, omelette, sticky rice, lechon, biryani, aloo chop, har cheong kai, churros, chocolate murtabak, laksa–it’s heady being in that place.  No wonder food lovers troop to the site since Wednesday.    However, some words of caution here.  The queues are long and seats run out.   You’d better be a foodie and a good sport.  Otherwise, please give up your space in the line and let a real food trekker bear it.   The place isn’t large enough for a world festival but this is the first time it’s being held outside Singapore and the first time in the Philippines so charge it to birth pains.  It can only mean also that it will be huge next time.   Crowds welled up to about 10,000 on the first day, way above the expectations of the organisers.   So countdown starts this weekend  for that last plate of chili crab.
Photos by Jervy Santiago.
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