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Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017

The world we live in has changed drastically over the past few years. Everything is fast-paced and almost instant. With the advent of the Internet Age, information is literally available with a press of a button.

With these changes, the educational sphere has also changed a lot. Educators are beginning to realize that beyond rote memorization and spewing out of data, students today must learn what to do with the information that they have.

The more valuable skills to be learned are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem solving – skills that homeschoolers can embrace and promote in their homes. We teach them to learn how to learn – and love how to learn – as they make use of the technology and resources available to them.

This is the inspiration behind the 2017 Philippine Homeschool Conference, Homeschool To The Future: Educating for the World of Tomorrow. The conference aims to encourage and equip homeschooling families in their journey through practical breakout sessions, the expo filled with educational materials, and by providing a venue where homeschoolers can meet and gather as a community.

Download the Philippine Homeschool Conference App for maps, schedule of talks and information about the speakers!

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