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What’s the Buzz About Mendokoro Ramenba?

The cooler rainy season is coming to the Philippines, and what better comfort food to have than ramen!

If you Google for some good ramen spots around Metro Manila, your search results will include Mendokoro Ramenba as one of the highly reviewed and rated ramen places around.

The Makati location tallies up with 1,195 votes and 4.9 rating on Zomato.  Luckily for BGC citizens Mendokoro Ramenba is now right around our neighbourhood! The 4th branch is located at the Icon Plaza along 26th street in BGC.

What’s the buzz about this ramen spot?

Think about the lines at the ATM during payday on 15th or 30th of each month or the lines when the Avengers:  Infinity War first released.  This is the initial buzz scene that you will experience when you dine at Mendokoro Ramenda when visiting their Makati location during dinner time.  People are willing to wait during the evenings for hours just to dine in this Ramen gem.

I went to the newly opened BGC location on the second day of opening for late lunch where it was not as packed compared to dinner hours.  The first thing I take notice usually is the customer service.  I, along with the other guests who enter, are greeted with smiles by staff members. The lady taking my order in the counter did not assume that I am familiar with the menu, and she was able to explain the different ramen orders that I could get.  After you place and pay for your order, I was seated in their bar style table. In the middle are the masters of the kitchen, the chefs that create your orders in front of you.  Based on my visits so far, food orders usually take around 10-15 minutes.

What to get?

Fortunately, my co-workers introduced me to dishes that ended up being my personal favourites. I started with the 3 piece gyoza dish as an appetizer. The lightly crispy shell filled with meat did not leave you with a heavy greasy feel afterwards. It’s relatively bigger than other gyozas I have had around.

Now onto the main dish, which is the Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen . The ramen actually isn’t the first thing you will notice nor see when they first serve the dish. The initial part that you will notice is the multiple Yin Yang effects due to the dark and lightly coloured broth.


The lightly coloured broth is mixed with a special soy sauce blend that gives the best of both worlds for those who like a soy sauce and miso type of soup.

The next item that you will see is a grilled decently size piece of pork.  At first glance you assume it would taste like a grilled pork piece you had before.  However, your tastebuds will tell you otherwise.  The tender meat and slight trim, yet very flavourful, pork fat will make you want to get an extra order of pork.

Lastly, the hidden ramen completes the main trio of ingredients. You will quickly notice the handmade ramen by the rich texture with a distinct subtle taste.  These 3 main simple ingredients are enough to make this a crowd favourite. Price range for a Gyoza and Ramen combo can range from 500-600 pesos.

Contributed by: Gino Cabigao, BGC Citizen

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